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Sentences extracted from Project Gutenberg
Drill sentences containing only the top most used words
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Randomly generated sentences using words from a Wiktionary top 2000 list (CC-BY-SA 3.0) and sentence data from Tatoeba (CC-BY 2.0 fr)
Drill Length: words (plus the rest of the last sentence.)
Quotes from Monkeytype.
Drill length:
Phonetic words that use exactly one starting consonant key, exactly one vowel key and exactly one ending consonant.
Drill Time: minutes.
Numbers 1-99 in simple sentences
Drill Time: minutes.
Da Dreaded Dueling Digit Duo Finger Drills
Alternate times.
Other drills.

Note on Finger Drills. Delete (plover v3) or disable (plover v4) all dictionaries but commands.json (in plover v3, delete all dictionaries and save to get the default config back). In plover v4, check out the plover-dict-control plugin which allows you to define strokes to switch dictionaries.